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    On-Line Signup for Parish Pictorial Directory

    Photography for Our Directory Has Started!!

    New Dates Just Added!!!!

    Save $$$

    Bring an item for New Hope Ministries and receive an additional $5 off any purchase.

    Suggested items:

    Baking ingredients such as sugar and flour; peanut butter, crackers, cereals; condiments such as ketchup; and school supplies


    Use this link for the "signup page"

    We will be creating a new Parish Pictorial Directory this summer and we hope you will be part of the directory. There is no charge for the picture session or being included in the directory.

    Directory Questions and Answers

    The dates for the picture sessions are       

    July 10 through 13 (Tues.-Friday) 2:30-9:00 PM
    July 14 (Sat.) 10:00AM-5:00 PM
    July 17 through 20 (Tues.-Friday) 2:30-9:00 PM
    July 21 (Sat.) 10:00AM-5:00 PM
    Aug. 7 through 10  (Tues.-Friday) 2:30-9:00 PM
    Aug. 11 (Sat.) 10:00AM-5:00 PM
    Aug. 28 through 31  (Tues.-Friday) 2:30-9:00 PM
    Sep. 1 (Sat.) 10:00AM-5:00 PM
    Sep. 5 through 7  (Wed.-Friday) 2:30-9:00 PM
    Sep. 8 (Sat.) 10:00AM-5:00 PM

    Use this link for the "signup page"

           You will receive:

    One Complimentary 8x10 copy of the directory photograph


    One Complimentary copy of the completed parish directory

    You may sign-up for additional poses and extended family photos.


    Make your appointment online and save $10 on any additional purchases you may make.

    Appointments may also be made after Masses June 16-17 and June 23-24 BUT you will not receive the $10 discount on additional purchases.

    Online scheduling will not be available the Fridays through Mondays on the weekends of sign-ups after Masses.


    We are hoping that all will participate. Our directory will not be complete without YOU!

    Directory Questions and Answers

    1. How long will the session last? 
    Plan on one hour

    2. Where should I go to have my picture taken?
    Come to the North Entrance (office side of the building) and report to the Parish Center.

    3. I may want to purchase additional photos. Where will I find the $10 coupon?
    If you gave Lifetouch your email address, the coupon will be in your reminder email.

    4. Is it too late to schedule an appointment?
    No, there are slots now open for August 28th  through September 1st. Sign up through the Church website at or call Sue Fletcher at 697-6929.

    5. We want to be included in the Directory, but our schedule conflicts with your schedule. What should we do?
    You may send a current photo to the office which will be included in the Directory. Lifetouch charges a $10 fee for this.

    6. What if a family member is currently away on active duty in the Armed Forces?
    Lifetouch sponsors a Military page. Please send a photo of your child or grandchild (in uniform) to the office. There is no fee for this.